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John Deere

December 12, 2017

Cotton Strippers: What to Expect From a Post-Season Service Package

You and your machinery work hard during the cotton harvest season. Now that harvest is almost over, it’s time to give your John Deere cotton stripper some well-deserved TLC.

While servicing your cotton stripper yourself may be something that appeals to you, investing in a post-season maintenance package will ensure that your equipment is ready to go and working its best when it’s time to get back in the fields.

While general maintenance, service interval times, and diagnostic times were improved with the introduction of the CS690 in 2014, routine maintenance and thorough cleaning decreases the risk of fire, reduces downtime, and improves overall productivity. Hurst Farm Supply is there for you when it comes to post-harvest inspection and maintenance with our STAR Inspection packages.

This includes a STAR CS690 inspection package in which our certified John Deere technicians will:

  • Verify the proper operation of your machine’s engine, stripper air system, cleaner, powertrain, lights, header, basket, activation switches and controls, as well as all machine operation warning lights.
  • Perform a fuel analysis and AMS inspection.

Our STAR inspection packages also include a stripper package that consists of a 138-point inspection in which our mechanics will provide a detailed report on all of the major components – from header to basket. It also includes a full fluid analysis to ease concerns about the engine and powertrain, as well as a fuel flush. An AMS inspection that checks settings and updates software is the final piece of the stripper package.

Hurst Farm Supply offers a Successful Harvest inspection package for CS690, CP690, and 7760 cotton strippers. This package includes a 163-point, skilled technician performed examination as well as an AMS optimization and performance check. We’ll also make sure all documentation data is properly imported and calibrated. We offer a separate inspection package for 7460 and 7455 machines. This includes a 138 point STAR stripper inspection package and AMS optimization and performance check.

It’s also important to regularly consult your Operator’s Manual and to perform the routine maintenance procedures listed within it. This includes regular lubrication and maintenance at the recommended 6 to 12-hour intervals, or more often if required.

Remember: regular equipment maintenance keeps your stripper running 100% while keeping you safe and reducing downtime.

Also, if you download our free Harvest Checklist, you’re eligible to win a free AMS component inspection and software update.

John Deere CS690 Checklist