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4 Kid-Friendly Stay-at-Home Activities

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Apr 14, 2020 1:27:20 PM
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Following social distancing guidelines is of utmost importance. With that being said, it’s also important to stay active with stay-at-home activities in any way you can, especially if you have little ones around the house.

It’s an excellent time to get creative, and we’re here to help you get out and stretch your legs with the whole family (while adhering to safety guidelines, of course). Here are a few easy ways to stay busy in self-isolation, Hurst Farm Supply style!


1. Gardening

The idea of gardening may seem like hard work at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Planting a small-scale garden is a great way to get outside and bond over something that you’ve created together. Here’s a good way to get started!


2. Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full swing, so there’s plenty of sprucing up to go around for the whole family. Turn your to-do’s into a game for the younger ones, and watch an otherwise daunting task become a breeze! May we suggest starting with your tool shed?


3. Indoor Herb Gardening

So, perhaps a combination of social distancing and inclement weather has you locked inside even more than you already have been. Not to worry — no one ever said the gardening can’t be taken indoors! Here’s a great idea for beginning an indoor herb garden that the whole family can contribute to.


4. Other Kid-Friendly Chores

As much as we may want them to 90% of the time, chores never really go away. However, in a time during which a “glass-half-full” attitude is something we can all benefit from, it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic about what can be made out of chores.

Staying busy during this time of uncertainty helps kids stay physically and mentally active, learn more about responsibilities, and develop a sense of self-reliance and time management, all while being safe. Make a list, get creative, and make stay-at-home activities fun!

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