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4 Tools You Need for Fall Lawn Maintenance

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Oct 24, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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4 Tools You Need for Fall Lawn Maintenance

Between football season and harvest season, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your lawn in the fall. The temperature is cooling down and you aren’t having to water or mow as often. But don’t put away the tools just yet.

Doing the right lawn work now can pay off in a big way next spring. Here are four tools you need for fall lawn maintenance.


A good first step is to use a chainsaw to clean up your trees. This involves removing any dead or troublesome branches. Remove anything that may not be able to handle strong winds or even extra weight from a potential West Texas snow storm. The STIHL line of homeowner chainsaws has an option for every homeowner. From light occasional use saws to tackling large projects, there’s a model for you.

Shredder Vac + Blower

Raking the leaves is a time-honored fall tradition that most of us could do without. Skipping this fall chore can cause several serious problems, though. First, too many leaves will block your grass from receiving vital water and nutrients throughout the winter. Leaving a big pile on top of your grass can invite pests and diseases to move in for the winter and damage your beautiful lawn. Beyond the health hazards, there’s the neighbors. Do you really want to be “that guy” on your block?

Lucky for you, there’s an easier way to clean things up. Forget raking and bagging, using a shredder vac and convertible blower makes wrangling leaves a breeze. The STIHL SH 56 C-E shredder vac comes with the necessary parts to convert this tool into a blower for piling up fall foliage. From here you simply vacuum the debris through the shredder and into an easy-open zipper bag.


As for watering and mowing your grass, the best thing you can do is keep it up. According to Popular Mechanics, you should continue these chores and then drop your mower blade to its lowest setting for the final two cuts. And why not do so in style? Fall is a great time to purchase a new or new-to-you mower. Hurst Farm Supply has a large inventory of new and used mowers from major brands like John Deere, Hustler Turf, and Honda.

Weed Control

Now is a great time to declare war on weeds to keep them from taking over your yard in the spring. Most plants absorb water and nutrients in the fall and weeds are no different. But don’t settle for basic weed killers and herbicides from the big box stores, get the real deal from Hurst Farm Supply. We carry a wide range of herbicides to help you prevent and eliminate dandelions, crabgrass, and other unwanted vegetation.

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