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Easy Fixes for Your Common Trimmer Problems

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jun 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM
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Easy Fixes for Your Common Trimmer Problems

Summer is in full swing, making now a great time for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. However, it’s also the perfect time to show off the lawn that you’ve worked so hard to maintain. That, of course, can’t be done without first making sure all of your lawn care tools and equipment are prepared for the season full of tasks ahead.

Today, we’re going to talk about one tool in particular: your trimmer. Here are some easy fixes for problems that are common with trimmers!

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My weed eater won’t start.

Check the choke and ignition. Too much cranking in choke mode can flood the engine, which happens if you've over primed the weed eater bulb or pulled too much on the choke. If the engine is flooded, you'll need to let the weed eater sit for about 15 minutes so that the fuel can settle. A faulty spark plug could also be the reason why your weed eater isn't starting. Take out your old spark plug and bring it to Hurst Farm Supply to buy a new one. Then install the new spark plug.

My trimmer is experiencing rough idling.

This can be caused by low compression, worn crankshaft seals, or a carburetor that requires adjustments. Adjust the carburetor by tweaking the carburetor screws while the unit is idling. Compression and crankshaft seal problems will need to be fixed by a professional. Bring it to our certified technicians at Hurst Farm Supply.

My engine is running, but it’s not cutting grass.

This is usually a sign that the string has come out. To re-string, remove the lower part of the head where the string comes out by pushing it in and turning it counterclockwise. Thread the new string through the guides by following the arrows. Make sure you cut the string no shorter than six inches; otherwise it won't advance when the weed eater is on. Follow the same steps for the bottom of the head.

My weed eater is lacking power.

This could be caused by a dirty air filter, damaged spark plug, low compression, carbon build-up on the muffler outlet screen, or idling problems with the carburetor. An air filter is easy to replace, and so is a damaged spark plug. Low compression, carbon build-up on the muffler outlet screen, or idling problems with the carburetor will likely need to be fixed by one of our authorized service technicians at Hurst Farm Supply.

How do I correctly mix my trimmer’s fuel?

A lack of oil can cause friction and heat, which can ultimately ruin the engine. On the other hand, mixing fuel with too much oil will clog the muffler screen, causing poor performance and eventually a no-start condition. Using 50/1 pre-mix bottled fuel is your best bet from the start: no mixing, no mess, no problems.

For all of the problems that you can’t solve yourself, Hurst Farm Supply has a solution. Click here to schedule service for any of your damaged turf equipment.

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