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Equipment Spotlight: 3032E

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Sep 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Equipment Spotlight: 3032E

With their 3032E utility tractor, John Deere once again proves that big things can come in small packages.

The 3032E is compact and ideal for West Texas farmers who have only a few acres to work with but need something powerful enough to get the job done. Here’s a closer look at the 3032E.

Key Features

1. Hydrostatic Transmission

The 3032E features a two-range hydrostatic transmission which eliminates clutching while increasing the tractor’s performance. Twin Touch foot controls enable users to drive as if they were in a car and with less weariness. The 3032E also has optional cruise control.

The HST transmission has many safety features, including:

  • The tractor only starts if the range lever is in neutral.
  • The engine shuts off when the operator leaves the seat, unless the range lever is in neutral.
  • The engine shuts off when the operator leaves the seat and the PTO is engaged.

2. Engine

The 3032E is powered by a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine that generates 31.2 hp at 2,500 rpm. It also has a power take-off rating of 18.6 hp.

3. Operator’s Station

Users will love the 3032E’s uncluttered operator’s station design that provides maximum comfort and ease of use. The design includes a thickly-padded, contoured seat, and a flat operator’s platform that provides easy entry and exit.

Meanwhile, the instrument panel is easy to read and includes a tachometer, low oil pressure light, battery discharge indicator light, PTO engagement indicator light, signal and hazard lamp indicator lights, a filter cleaning status indicator light – and more.

4. Quick-Hitch System

John Deere expertly addresses concerns about difficulty in attaching tractor implements with the iMatch Quick-Hitch system that provides easy attachment connection. Whether it’s rotary cutters or box blades, the 3032E is more than capable of handling a variety of implements.

5. Cat I Hitch

The 3032E’s Cat I three-point hitch has a lift capacity of 1,356 pounds. A pair of outboard turnbuckle stabilizers keeps the rear implement centered and prevents it from swinging from side-to-side.

An optional rear drawbar kit is available on the 3032E that holds a maximum vertical load of 882 lbs. The kit installs easily and the drawbar has three positions – two for operating and one for storage.

If you’re in the market for the 3032E tractor – or any of John Deere’s superior tractors – contact us at Hurst Farm Supply today. Hurst has served West Texas since 1955.

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