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Equipment Spotlight: John Deere 3025E

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Aug 29, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Equipment Spotlight: John Deere 3025E

At Hurst Farm Supply, we know how important it is to have a variety of equipment that fits your operation’s many needs. The team at John Deere realizes this as well, and has built a series of 25-46 horsepower compact tractor packages to tackle a variety of conditions.  

The “3 Family” from John Deere is the perfect compact addition to your farm or ranch and comes in a variety of price levels to match your budget. This is why we especially love the 3E series. If you’ve got tough jobs to do but don’t have a big budget, you’ll still be able to own a tractor that provides serious value and gets the jobs done.

The John Deere 3025E

The 3025E provides everything you need in a compact tractor: dependability, versatility, and ease-of use.

Ease of Serviceability

Being able to easily perform regular maintenance on your compact tractor will reduce the amount of money you spend on operational costs in the long run. The 3025E is designed to make maintenance simple and accessible. Serviceability features include:

  • Easy access to regular service points
  • Onboard self-diagnostic features
  • Compatibility with the John Deere-exclusive Service ADVISOR™ system
  • Minimal daily service requirements

Clean, Comfortable Operator’s Station

The fact that this tractor is “compact” doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. The operator’s station is designed to fit a variety of operator sizes comfortably. The design and location of operator controls is simple and easy to run, making this tractor a sensible option for your operation. The operator’s station includes:

  • Contoured seat of thick, soft padding for operator comfort
  • Left-side step entry for easy and safe tractor entry/exit
  • Operator presence system for safety
  • Easy-to-read instrument panel
  • 2-Post Roll-Guard ROPS for operator protection

User-friendly Hydrostatic Transmission (HST)

The two-range HST of the 3E series allows for infinite ground speed options, allowing you to customize the speed of your tractor to the job at hand. With no clutching (for quick direction changes) and Twin Touch™ foot pedals allowing for smooth forward/reverse operation, the 3025E is ideal for precision jobs. Some additional transmission features are:

  • Optional cruise control
  • Easy-to-reach transmission fluid checkpoint and fill point
  • Integrated brake and differential lock pedal

Powerful Diesel Engine

This engine is up-to-date with all the latest technologies, ensuring EPA compliance, improved accuracy and control, and optimized fuel economy. Important features include:

  • Yanmar® 3-cylinder, TNV series diesel engine
  • Common Rail System for optimized fuel economy
  • Automatic Diesel Particulate Filter after-treatment system
  • Electronic Control Unit for the best-possible fuel control

Dependable Power and Versatility

The 3025E is workhorse of versatility. With the tightest turn radius in its class and the power to handle a variety of implements, this tractor is perfect for any operation. Our 3025E tractor package includes the D160 loader at an affordable price.

If the 3025E sounds like the compact tractor for you, we’d love to talk with you more. For more information on the 3025E tractor package or to schedule a test drive, please contact your local Hurst Dealer.

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