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Harvest Season Preparation Checklist

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jul 17, 2020 10:29:37 AM
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As we make our way closer to yet another harvest season (can you believe it?), now is the perfect time to start thinking about harvest season preparation. What steps should you take to make sure that you’re adequately prepared? These are a great place to start:

First things first: take inventory.

Whether it's with sophisticated software or a simple Excel spreadsheet, an equipment management system is a great way to store, document, and track your equipment prep progress. This will also help you determine how many pieces of equipment you actually have and use, as well as what type of maintenance each one needs.

Next, schedule and perform maintenance.

Once you have a clear picture of the equipment you have, now is the time to service those that need it. Are your tractors in flawless working condition? Have your cotton strippers undergone an inspection to catch any underlying problems that might bring your harvest to a halt later down the road? Professional maintenance and regular preventative measures are the only real way to save your farm operation time and money by catching the issues before they have a chance to happen, thus preventing downtime and maximizing your capacity.


Are you up to date and on the grid?

When was the last time your AMS equipment was configured, calibrated, and serviced? Harvest season preparation isn’t complete without software updates, component inspections, training, and off-site backups for all of your precision ag technology.

Get ahead (and stay ahead) of finances.

Have you implemented a way to track legal documentation, expenses, and other necessary paperwork for this year’s harvest? Take the time out of each day to balance your books and enter and track these using accounting software. For physical documents, organize and label accordingly. You’ll thank yourself when tax season rolls around!

Keep it clean, keep it safe.

Ensuring constant cleanliness and storage for every piece of equipment that you use promotes organizational and performance efficiency, prevents rust, and reduces potential hazards. For instance, failing to remove lint build-up or other foreign materials from the surfaces of your equipment can lead to quickly-spreading fires that are hard to contain. Always be mindful of these, and always be prepared for the possibility of an emergency.

Harvest Season Preparation with Hurst Farm Supply

Do you have any concerns regarding how prepared you are for the new season? Find yourself running out of time? Maybe the maintenance you need is a little heavier than you can handle on your own? Not to worry — that’s where we come in!

As your West Texas John Deere dealer, Hurst Farm Supply has the knowledge and resources to fill any gaps that may exist in your harvest season preparedness. Click below to request service from your nearest location.

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