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Hurst’s Harvest Season Safety Tips

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jul 28, 2020 8:40:58 AM
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You may feel confident about how prepared your equipment is for the upcoming harvest, but that’s only half the battle when we’re talking about harvest season safety. Harvesting is busy and stressful enough without costly accidents, making the safety of you, your team, and your equipment paramount.

Here are some things to keep top-of-mind at all times.

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Never underestimate the power and potential of a cotton stripper fire. They’re fast, intense, and nearly impossible to contain without the proper preventative measures in place. Take the time to review these fire extinguisher safety tips with everyone on the job.

Maintenance Schedules

By not adhering to your equipment’s maintenance schedule, you allow it to be more susceptible to wear, tear, and damage — the type of wear, tear, and damage that creates downtime, and in extreme circumstances, puts people in harm’s way. Instead of risking it, play it safe by keeping your equipment where it belongs: in perfect working order.


Cleaning Schedules

The very same goes for keeping your equipment and work areas clean. Oil, lint, and other fluids and debris can not only create wear on your equipment, but they also create the perfect environment to which accidents are prone, especially fires. Clean thoroughly, clean carefully, and clean often.

Personal Harvest Season Safety and Protection

Taking care of your equipment is something that should always be top-of-mind. But that care and attention won’t mean much if you fail to take care of your harvest operation’s most valuable assets: you and those helping you. Inattentiveness and carelessness are what contribute to accidents, so a safety-first approach should always be encouraged. Be aware, look twice, and always err on the side of caution. When it comes to the easiest ways to look out for yourself, your back and your skin are great places to start!

Finally, we wouldn’t be upholding our end of the bargain as your West Texas John Deere dealer if we didn’t remind you where you can expect to find everything you might need this fall. Parts? Yep. New equipment? Certainly. Repairs? Yes, yes, and yes again.

Hardworking harvesters have a right to a helping hand when they need it, and that’s what our team has been doing for decades. You are feeding and clothing the world, after all!

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