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Hurst How-To: Give Your John Deere Sprayer a Tune Up

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jul 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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Hurst How-To: Give Your John Deere Sprayer a Tune Up

Ready or not, sprayer season is here. To get the most out of your applications, it’s important to tune up your sprayer equipment. You can tune up your equipment yourself with these tips or schedule a service appointment with Hurst Farm Supply.

When servicing your sprayer, pay special attention to the parts we cover in this post.


Issues with nozzles are the most common contributor to inconsistent spray patterns. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for selection and placement of nozzles. Check that nozzles have the correct angles on the boom and are placed at even heights. You should clean nozzles regularly to prevent clogs and extend their life. But remember, over time nozzles will wear out and they should be replaced regularly.


Once your nozzles are repaired and replaced, shift your attention to the sprayer boom. Based on the spacing of your nozzles, adjust the height of the boom to ensure adequate spray overlap. You can find the appropriate height recommendations in your equipment manual or even on the herbicide label.

Spray Pressure

When it comes to sprayer pressure, think like Goldilocks. Too little pressure will create streaks and missed spots, but too much pressure isn’t good either. Check the pressure of your sprayer to make sure it’s just right for a consistent application rate.

Flow Meter

Flow meters must be calibrated multiple times throughout sprayer season. Ensuring the flow meter provides spot-on calculations is key to crop management.

When it’s time to put the sprayers away at the end of the season, thoroughly clean and inspect each part. If necessary, schedule postseason maintenance with Hurst Farm Supply.

Taking the time to clean and maintain your equipment before, during, and after sprayer season is critical to saving money. Downtime is costly, so any measure you can take to keep your equipment running year after year is worth the effort. Inadequate spraying techniques can also negatively impact your yield come harvest time and no one wants that!

The Hurst team is here to help. If your sprayers aren’t running at 100%, contact us to request a service appointment at 806.763.0076.

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