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John Deere Introduces New 5R Series Tractors and New 540R Loader

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jun 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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John Deere Introduces New 5R Series Tractors and New 540 Loader

No one knows better than John Deere just how much time you spend in the cab of your tractor. They want to make sure that while you toil away, you’re as comfortable and safe as you can possibly be, and when they designed the newest 5R Series tractors they pulled out all the stops. The first time you drive this beauty, you may never want to stop. It’s that comfortable!

Comfort You’ll Love

No more twisting and craning each time you need to see into a pesky blind spot. John Deere paired the new 5R Series tractors with a Premium Panorama cab that provides an 80% improvement in upward visibility when compared to older John Deere 5M tractors. The single-piece front windshield has been set up in a manner that provides a 7% improvement in forward visibility. All this improved visibility not only means less contorting while trying to see what you’re doing, it also decreases the odds of minor mishaps while using loader applications.

John Deere equipped the cab with a swivel seat that not only has a high back, but also features wide armrests and thick cushions. You’ll love that the electrohydraulic and mechanical loader joystick option with gear-shift buttons and reverser have been built directly into the seat so that you can virtually operate everything with just one hand. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering how you can order another seat just like it for your office.

Worried about rough ground? Check out the optional cab suspension package which smooths out even the bumpiest terrain.

You’ll find the interactive display on the right-hand corner post. It’s a good location. You can easily read the display whenever necessary, but it doesn’t interfere with your ability to see what you’re doing while using the loader or maneuvering around the barnyard.

It Still Has John Deere’s Trademark Usability!

John Deere managed to add comfort and convenience to the new 5R Series tractors without sacrificing any of the high quality usability you’ve come to expect from the brand.

The new John Deere 540R loader can equip the tractor with has many high-quality features you’ll wish the rest of your loaders had, including:

  • Slide-slung self-leveling links
  • Single-point hydraulic connection
  • Automatic mast latch
  • A simple latching system that allows the loader to be easily attached and removed from the tractor that only requires you leaving the tractor’s cab once

The more farm work you do with the John Deere 5R series tractors, the more you’ll come to appreciate built-in features that are designed to make working in confined spaces easy. 

These features include:
  • CommandQuad™ Manual and Command8™ electronic transmission with multi-range selection
  • The 7.4-foot wheelbase and 60-degree steering angle for a turning radius of just 12.1 feet

Contact Hurst Farm Supply to learn more about how John Deere’s new 5R series tractors and new 540R loader makes farming more enjoyable.

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