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John Deere Technology Trends That Are Changing The Agricultural Landscape

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Feb 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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John Deere Technology Trends That Are Changing The Agricultural Landscape

Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace. The agriculture industry is starting to see many changes as a result of increased innovation. Companies like John Deere are finding new ways to build products that empower farmers to create a better crop, improve productivity, and save money.

Technology can never replace a farmer’s instinct, but better tools allow you to apply your instincts where they are needed most. Here are a few technology trends we are following this year.

User Experience Drives Product Development

Rather than design and build a great product and then place it on the market, John Deere is laser focused on improving the user experience before a new product is launched.

John Deere’s Virtual Reality (VR) Lab in Dubuque, Iowa, takes a cutting-edge approach to building new farming equipment. Here they allow real-life farmers to test out new tractors- before they ever hit the assembly line. The company brings in consumers and places them in a tractor seat where they simulate farming operations wearing an immersive, motion-capture VR headset.

This unique experience allows the consumer to provide feedback on a new tractor before it’s even built.

Smart Tools Empower Dealer Service

The more devices we connect to the web, the more data we collect. Technology experts have dubbed this time as the Data Revolution. It’s true. When used effectively, data can revolutionize the way we do nearly anything. The pros at John Deere are developing smart tools that empower dealers like Hurst Farm Supply to offer better service to our customers. Better service means more uptime and less downtime, which can make or break a farming operation.

With JDLink™, Hurst Farm Supply technicians can track the health of your machines in the field and gather vital information about the service history and needs of your equipment. This critical information increases our response time, ensuring we service your equipment quickly and efficiently, at the exact moment you need us.

For a limited time, you can get JDLink™ Connect for only $200. (a $600 value)

Greener Pastures

In West Texas, farming is a family history steeped in faith and tradition. It’s about more than cotton, but also feeding and clothing the world where you live and raise your family. And today, it’s about protecting that world, too. Many new farming innovations focus on bettering our global landscape so that we can continue to pass farming down through generations.

Innovative farming technology is one way for us to solve today and tomorrow’s challenges. John Deere is focused on developing tools and products that benefit the land, the equipment, and the farmer on a global scale. These tools can be used to improve the way we do things and help us implement sustainable practices, while increasing crop yields at a lower cost year after year.  

No doubt, the technological advances coming to the agriculture industry are exciting. But, that doesn’t mean that we at Hurst Farm Supply intend to lose focus on what is most important. We are determined to be a company of high touch in the age of high tech. As our customer, you are our most valuable asset and we refuse to forget that. When you work with Hurst Farm Supply, you become our partner and we aim to maximize your success.

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