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Keep Your Lawn Healthy with Equipment from Hurst Farm Supply

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Aug 31, 2016 1:15:03 PM
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Recent rains have lead to some pretty green yards around us. But, all that rain means your yard is going to require some maintenance in the weeks to come. Follow these tips to enjoy a beautiful and healthy yard well into the Fall season.

Start with a Quality Riding Mower

Few things are as enjoyable as enjoying your handiwork in the form of a nice, green yard. It's something your entire family can enjoy, whether sitting on the back porch or watching your kids and grandkids run around in their bare feet.

The best thing you can do to keep your lawn healthy is to invest in a quality riding mower. We're proud to carry brands like John Deere, Hustler, Kubota, and more. These brands ensure your grass gets the cleanest cut possible, which keeps your yard looking healthier and greener longer. A good riding mower will pay for tiself, by providing a professional level cut and saving you time in the long run.  To see a full list of ridingmowers we have available, click here.


Get your Lawn Mower Serviced

The better your lawn mower runs, the easier it will be for you to maintain a healthy lawn, regardless of how much rain we have received. Make sure you:

  • Keep good blades on your mower- The sharp blade not only cuts the grass more smoothly, reducing trauma to the grass, but also decreases the amount of time and energy you spend mowing your lawn.
  • Check the air filter- as the days get drier and hotter, the amount of dust the air filter collects increases. As the air filter fills with dust, the amount of strain on your engine increases. If it looks dirty, clean it. You should have it replaced once a year.
  • Don’t let the oil get too low- and have it changed on a regular basis.
  • Keep the mower deck clean- Cleaning this out after you use the mower will keep the blades sharper for a longer period of time and reduce the amount of energy it takes to mow your lawn.
  • Have your mower serviced at least once a year- this will keep it running smoothly and will make sure it cuts your grass as efficiently as possible.


Our technicians are certified to service and repair John Deere equipment. If you think your mower needs servicing, they can meet any need you have. We also carry any parts you might need to keep your mower running well all summer long.

If you have a John Deere riding mower, here are some helpful videos to walk you through some of the maintenance it might require: Riding Mower Maintenance.




Resist the Instinct to Mow Down to Stubble


When it comes to mowing your lawn, the instinct is to set the mower blade low and cut the grass as short as possible. In theory, this should reduce the number of times you have to mow your lawn. In reality, cutting the grass down to short stubble does more harm than good.

When you mow the grass too short, a variety of things happen, including:

  • Reduced ground cover means moisture is more likely to evaporate rather than soak into the soil
  • The shorter grass makes your lawn more susceptible to a weed invasion and diseases
  • Thatch will build up in your yard, suffocating and killing the grass

When grass is consistently mowed too short, the grass puts more energy into repairing the weed tip, which means it grows in a slow, patchy style that detracts from the overall appearance of your yard.


Mow More Frequently but Cut Less


If you were away on vacation or unable to tend your lawn for some other reason, it’s likely your yard looks more like a hayfield than a well-tended part of your home’s landscaping. Resist the instinct to hop on your John Deere lawn mower and to cut the grass down to the length you prefer.


When you mow a great deal of overgrown grass in one swoop of the mower blade, two different problems arise. The first is that you create a great deal of thatch that will take a long time to break down. The second is that cutting a long length of grass at one time actually restricts root development.


When mowing the lawn during hot weather, the rule of thumb to live by is to never cut more than 1/3rd of the blade of grass.

Healthy_Yard_Clean_Home_Hurst_Farm_Supply.jpg A well manicured yard helps your home look clean and well-cared for.

Don’t Throw the Clippings Away


There was a period of time when people loved bagged lawn mowers because they were worried about thatch (piles of grass clippings) building up their lawn. After mowing their lawn a few times and throwing the clippings away, they discovered that the clippings actually served as a green fertilizer for the grass.


Instead of throwing the clippings away, let them lie on the ground and monitor them. If you do see a spot where excessive thatch is developing, use a yard rake to spread the clump out. In a day or two, the clippings will break down and you’ll forget they ever existed.


Restrict Your Watering to the Early Morning


People often water their lawn in the evening, thinking that the lack of sunlight gives the water a few hours to soak into the soil. In reality, watering in the late evening and the middle of the night actually puts the grass’s health at risk by increasing the odds of it developing a fungal disease.

Lawn care experts feel that the best time to water your yard is in the very early morning, an hour or two before the sun rises. You should also invest in watering equipment that’s designed to reduce water loss.


Prevent Soil Compaction



A healthy lawn will be enjoyed by everyone in your family all season long.


Heavy traffic, even if it’s just from a lawn mower during dry conditions, can cause soil compaction. When this happens, water and nutrients have a difficult time penetrating the soil, which in turn compromises the health of your yard. Soil aeration equipment is the best way to eliminate soil compaction and restore your yard to optimum health.


Don’t forget that Hurst Farm Supply is your local supplier with all the tools and supplies you need to keep your yard looking great this summer!


Want to remember these tips to keep your lawn safe whether it's a wet or dry season? Download our Lawn Care Guide to keep them close at hand! Click the image below to claim yours today!

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