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John Deere, Winter Tips

February 14, 2017

Maintain Your John Deere Gator This Winter

John Deere built their Gator utility vehicles with the idea that they would be a piece of equipment owners could rely on for years and years. Properly maintaining and caring for the Gator is the key to making sure it runs properly for as long as you choose to use it.

Check the Tires

Most West Texas farmers drive their Gator over a variety of terrains which takes a toll on the tires, particularly if they’re soft. Take a few moments to visually inspect your tires and make sure they have the proper air pressure, and don’t show signs of wear.  This decreases the odds of you blowing out a tire while you’re on the far side of your property. Remember, keeping your tires in good shape also reduces your Gator’s fuel consumption.

Maintain Proper Fluid Levels

It’s easy to forget to check the fluid levels in your Gator, but getting too casual can have disastrous results. If the Gator runs too long without enough fluid or coolant, the result can be serious mechanical problems such as the unit overheating or the engine freezing up. Both of these problems require extensive repairs before you can use your Gator again.

You should change both the oil and the filters in your Gator after approximately 20 hours of use.

Maintain your Gator’s Battery

When checking your Gator’s fluid levels, use the opportunity to also inspect your battery. You want to make sure the cables are properly attached and that the battery isn’t leaking. Not only does properly maintaining your battery ensure that your Gator starts right up each time you want to use it, it also decreases the odds of a potential hazardous spark ruining your Gator.

Monitor Your Brakes

The last thing you want is to be going down a hill on your John Deere Gator and find that the brakes aren’t working. The best way to avoid this particular situation is to regularly test your brakes and make sure they have a good response time. Manually inspect them every few weeks to ensure that the pads are in good shape. Routinely use a brake-safe solvent that both cleans debris from the brakes, and keeps them in good repair.

If you sense that something isn’t right with your brakes, immediately stop using your Gator and have the brakes examined and repaired by by one of our Certified John Deere technicians.

If you have questions regarding how to properly use, store, or maintain your John Deere Gator, or just need supplies to keep it running smoothly, contact our Hurst Farm Supply staff. We will happily take the time to answer your questions.


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