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Off-Season Inspection: Harvest Equipment

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jun 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM
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Off-SeasonInspection: Harvest Equipment

Harvest season may be at the back of your mind or the bottom of your to-do list this summer, but the condition and maintenance of your harvest equipment shouldn’t be. As we’ve explored before, proper off-season maintenance can mean the difference between a harvest that is efficient and one that is riddled with breakdowns and roadblocks. Some benefits of off-season harvest equipment care include:

  • Saving time in the long run by staying ahead of issues before they happen. Off-season inspections allow you to spend less time repairing and more time working when harvest season arrives.
  • You work hard for your equipment! Off-season service helps ensure that you get more years and life out of it.
  • Better operational efficiency. Get out of your equipment what you put into it.

Take a break from the summer heat to check up on your most crucial harvest season equipment with Hurst Farm Supply. Here’s what we can help with.

Ag Equipment Services

Leave no piece of equipment untouched this summer. We offer service packages that are designed to tackle any problem for every piece of valuable machinery on your harvesting operation.




Tractor Operator Package


A well-functioning farming operation is only as good as its quality trained operators!

STAR Tractor Package


Make sure that the foundation of your operation is operating at peak performance.

STAR Sprayer Package


A 153-point inspection that makes sure your sprayers are ready to work when you are.

STAR Stripper Package


Limit downtime, maximize efficiency.

STAR CS690 Package


During a season that is as time-sensitive as harvest season, around-the-clock reliability is a must.

STAR Combine Package


A 183-point inspection that ensures that no crop is left behind.

Successful Harvest Package


Inspect and maintain every piece of your valuable harvest season equipment in this one do-all package.

*Package price will vary based on options selected at time of purchase. See your salesmen for a detailed breakdown for individual package options.

AMS Equipment Services

Technology is one of the most invaluable assets that any farmer can utilize for the betterment of their operation, regardless of size or scale. This, of course, is rendered useless if it’s not correctly serviced, maintained, or updated.




AMS Software Update Package


The most sophisticated guidance systems require updates to become fully optimized and utilized!

AMS Component / Software Package


Inspect your monitor, receiver, and software to ensure that guidance is spot-on.

NDVI Satellite Imagery Package


Stay ahead of potential issues before they have a chance to worsen with optimized satellite imagery.

AMS Training Package


Make the most out of your investment into technology by properly training those who will use it the most!

*Package price will vary based on options selected at time of purchase. See your salesmen for a detailed breakdown for individual package options.

From strippers to satellite software, Hurst Farm Supply offers service packages that are designed to help you maintain every piece of valuable equipment on your operation. Click here to download our complete STAR Service Packages booklet, and click below to begin your service request!

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