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November 20, 2019

Post-Season Harvest Equipment Service

You prepped hard, worked even harder, and it all led to yet another successful cotton harvest season. Congratulations! Now, the only thing left to do is allow yourself and your equipment some much-deserved recovery time.

Servicing your equipment before harvest season is vital, but doing so after the fact is just as important. While it may be going away for a season, don’t underestimate the value of post-season harvest equipment service! It’s important to seek professional service for all of your…


The bread and butter of every farming operation deserves nothing but the best. Give the quality of your tractor the green light with a top-to-bottom, Hurst-approved inspection of all systems including the engine, lights, powertrain, hydraulics, activation switches, and controls. Post-season service also extends to include checks for all fluids and diagnostics on your machine.

Cotton Strippers

No successful cotton harvest is even possible without the help of your hardest-working cotton stripper. Professional post-season service with Hurst Farm Supply ensures that you’re putting back into your machinery what you got out of it all season long.

Our process includes a comprehensive inspection that verifies the quality and working order of every single component of your cotton stripper, including the engine, fluids, AMS features, and any others that may be unique to your particular model of cotton stripper. Its work may be done, but that doesn’t mean your cotton stripper doesn’t deserve the same service that the rest of your equipment receives!

And AMS Equipment

Software updates, component inspections, and off-site data back-up are just a few of the ways that Hurst Farm Supply’s Successful Harvest service package tends to every piece of your ag technology. As your West Texas John Deere dealer, we’re committed to servicing every component that is integral for the success of your harvest, including these. Give your AMS equipment the service it needs to ensure that it starts back up without a hitch next year!

You’ve seen the value that pre-season service adds to the efficiency and success of your harvest, so don’t underestimate what professional service at the back end of the season can do! And if you want to get the most out of your hard-earned equipment, then the truth is it’s non-negotiable.

Contact your closest Hurst Farm Supply to request professional service and learn more about the many ways that we can be your harvest season hero with a much-needed helping hand! Click below to get started.

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