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Winter Tips, Lawn Maintenance

January 24, 2017

Prep Your Yard For Winter

Getting ready for the coming winter means more than stocking up on sweaters, installing storm doors, and making sure your furnace is working. You will also want to make sure your yard is properly prepped. Proper yard care ensures that your lawn will look great next spring and summer.

Clean up Debris

Set aside an afternoon and use the time to clean up leaves, clumps of grass clippings, and sticks from your yard. While these piles of debris might not seem like a big deal, they become both slippery and unsightly after they’ve gotten wet, some types of leaves will even stain patio surfaces, lowering the curb appeal of your home.

Raking does more than simply help you gather the lawn debris into easy to pick up piles, it also smooths the grass, removes dead grass that would make it difficult for new grass to grow next spring and helps aerate your lawn. You should plan on raking your yard a minimum of 4-5 times in the fall and winter.

Winter yard care includes taking a few extra moments to walk the perimeter of your house, making sure that there aren’t any piles of debris, bits of sticks, or even clumps of unmowed grass near the foundation. If you find any of these things, clean them up. During cold weather, rodents and insects will often take refuge from chilly temps in these piles and eventually work their way into your home. Cleaning up the area discourages the pests from venturing near the building.

Fertilize Your Yard

It takes a lot of nutrients to keep your lawn looking great. The best time to restore these nutrients is in the fall or winter, when they have plenty of time to really soak into the ground and feed the lawn’s elaborate root system. The general rule of them is to apply a low dosage of fertilizer now, followed by a heavier dosage in the spring.  High quality, easy to use, backpack sprayers make it easy to fertilize your yard during both spring and fall fertilization sessions.

Aerate Your Yard

Lawn care experts state that the one thing homeowners frequently ignore when preparing their home for winter is aeration. The purpose of aerating your soil is to help loosen the soil that was compacted by a summer full of lawn mowing and other summertime activities. Loosening the soil allows the roots to get more air, nutrients, and water. As a result, your yard will look rich and healthy next summer. Aerating your lawn isn’t difficult, or even time consuming when you have a lawn aerator attachment.

Tree and Hedge Care

You don’t want to ignore your trees and hedges this season. Making an effort to prune them each fall not only encourages healthy new growth and allows you to keep the trees and hedges elegantly shaped, but also goes a long way towards preventing the spread of disease. Pay careful attention to signs that the tree is sick or developing weak branches, or has an insect problem. If you see indicators of trouble, you’ll want to contact and expert and get advice about the best way to proceed.

Examine the Exterior of Your Home

Take some time to really explore the condition of your home. If you find any holes, cracks, or other signs of weakness, you need to get them repaired right away. These issues not only weaken the structural integrity of your home, but also provide entrance for pests.

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