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Servicing Your John Deere Gator: What You Need to Know

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jan 14, 2021 3:59:17 PM
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Your job demands hard work. And the John Deere Gator is a unique piece of turf equipment designed to help you meet that demand and play even harder in the meantime (or at the same time — we’re not judging!). Whether your Gator is used solely for that hard work, as a fun way to get around the farm, or both, the fact remains that it needs regular maintenance to keep it running as intended.

Here’s what you need to know about servicing your John Deere Gator, especially in the offseason.


1. What John Deere Gator service at Hurst Farm Supply is.

Remember, ensuring longevity for your farm and turf equipment always starts at home. But when it comes to reading between the lines and finding and fixing the serious issues that will really affect the life and performance of your machines, there are aspects of service from experienced professionals that simply can’t be outdone.

At a price starting at just $295, STAR Gator service packages from Hurst Farm Supply define the modern approach to adequately servicing today’s ag and turf machinery. They begin with a comprehensive 14-point inspection and go on to include oil and filter changes when necessary. 

Once every inch of your Gator has been inspected for faults and necessary repairs have been performed, our team will thoroughly clean its engine, radiator, and belts, completing your STAR service and making your Gator ready for the new year and everything that might come with it.

2. Why it’s important for your investments.

2021 is about turning things around and making the most out of what bad the last 12 months might have thrown at us. Setting yourself up for success starts with finding motivation, setting goals, and being proactive about pursuing them. And as a farmer, even the simplest goals can’t be attained without equipment that’s up to the task.

When you choose STAR service for your John Deere Gator at Hurst Farm Supply, you’re doing more than just taking care of a piece of machinery — you’re taking care of your entire operation and its ability to function at its fullest potential (while giving you a fun way to get around in the process, of course). And if you ask us, a successful year is something you just can’t put a price on!

There are necessary steps for getting a new year off to the best start possible, and STAR service for your Gator is one of them. Click here to let Hurst Farm Supply check that one off your list.


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