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Talkin’ Turf: The Benefits of Buying Local

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Mar 30, 2020 3:10:00 PM
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For over six decades, the Hurst Farm Supply brand has been carefully cultivated to withstand the test of the passing of time. Everything that we are is defined by the communities that we call home and has been molded by the farmers and turf professionals that we are proud to support. After all, we succeed when they succeed!

Why should you buy local?

Our local roots run deep.

Way back in 1955, Hurst Farm Supply was founded with the intention of giving local farmers access to excellent John Deere products and exceptional personal service to go along with it. After six decades of hard work and expansion into other parts of West Texas, we have continually grown more in-tune with our home and the culture that makes it what it is.

Whether we’re helping you at the counter or in the field, you can count on working side-by-side with people that know this area better than most!

We provide high-touch service in an age of high-tech.

For many companies that have been around as long as we have, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important in customer relationships. But not us. Here, our commitment to your success doesn’t end when your equipment leaves the lot. The service that we provide is based on meaningful relationships (not transactions), and it’s important to us that that service is nothing short of excellent, whether we’re walking you through an existing problem or showing you the ropes on the latest piece of ag or turf technology.

Buying local at Hurst Farm Supply means that you are buying world-class products and services from friendly and familiar faces, not a uniform or a computer screen. We’re not just selling service and parts — we’re helping our local farmers feed and clothe the world.

We are invested in West Texas.

Simply put, our community is the lifeblood of Hurst Farm Supply and everything that we do. For that reason, we are continuously looking for new ways to invest our time, energy, and resources back into the lives of those that support us. Buying local enables businesses like Hurst Farm Supply to grow and make improvements that make providing you with innovative ag and turf solutions easier and more accessible.

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