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The John Deere Tips Notebook: What it is & How it Benefits You

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jun 20, 2016 4:16:45 PM
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Whether you need to buy equipment, get your tractors serviced, talk to our experts, or find valuable resources, Hurst Farm Supply is here to help meet your needs and get the job done.

As an official John Deere dealer, we’re able to provide you with more than parts and service. We’re also here to educate you on the latest and greatest. Introducing the John Deere Tips Notebook. This online resource is jam-packed with tips, ideas, and collective wisdom for both farmers and homeowners. Need to find a quick answer concerning JD’s equipment? No problem. They’ve got five different and easy-to-navigate categories to give you exactly what you need, in one place. And if you want a reminder on how to get the job done right, each page includes downloadable and printable references.


Here’s what you can expect after clicking each tab:

Crop Production

From small to large commercial operations, John Deere provides you the information you need to find the right equipment for you. To make it even easier, JD provides photos and models to help educate you on their products. That way, you know which equipment will best meet your needs when making a purchase at Hurst Farm Supply, the first time.


Equipment Basics

Want to know the best practices for running a wood chipper? Or how to best get your tractor unstuck from the mud? This is where you’ll find your basic equipment answers.

Topics include:




-Lawn care

-Common jobs

-Water control

& more.

There's no shortage of information when it comes to equipment.


If you’re looking for soil tips and maximizing the use of your JD gardening equipment, this section of the Tips Notebook will teach you all that you need to know. Here, JD explains in an organized fashion on how to use a plow, middle buster, rotary tiller, or cultivate to achieve your gardening goals. Each topic may also include a short video to give you a visual representation of what they’re talking about.

Property Projects

Property projects, are often small, but tedious. To learn how to cut the time it takes to execute these projects, JD includes the following tutorials:

- How to clear driveway gravel out of the grass.

- How to plant a wildlife food plot.

- How to renovate a pasture.

- How to build a rail fence.

- How to eliminate standing water using a subsoiler.

- How to repair a gravel driveway.

& more.

At Hurst Farm Supply, we can help you with any property project you undertake. With years of experience and knowledge, our team is more than capable to help you find the right JD equipment. And if you want to take look yourself before stopping by our store, visit our website to browse our inventory.



Are you more of a visual learner? Check out their library of videos that supplement many of the how-to articles found on the website. These videos are called "Notes From the Field" and accurately demonstrate how to get the most out of your JD equipment.

The JD Tips Notebook is a great resource to West Texas farmers and homeowners in more ways than one. With this online tool, you're not only learning how to: properly use and clean your equipment, but also avoid expensive maintenance fees. As stated in the March 2009 edition of AgConnection, "timely preventative maintenance and inspection will help identify problems when they can be corrected with relatively minor repairs, thus helping reduce major problems and downtime.” As you can see, the JD Tips Notebook can not only help you save time, but also money.

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