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July 16, 2021

Maintaining Your John Deere Mower: Keeping Your Equipment In Top-Turf Shape

If we pulled up your garage door and found a John Deere mower behind it, we’d like to think that it’s safe to say that means three things:

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Cotton Farming

Why You Need John Deere GPS Guidance


Cotton Farming

Planting and Spraying Season Support from Hurst Farm Supply

At Hurst Farm Supply, we believe that it’s never too early to be prepared for the changing of seasons, and we think that farmers know that better than almost anyone. Next planting and spraying season will be here before you know it.

Here are some of the ways that our team can help you navigate unwanted surprises, and set yourself up for another successful season.


Cotton Farming

A Brief History of the Boll Weevil

Farmers are no strangers to challenges! Year after year, threats to our hard work put us to the test. And the constant pressure to produce a crop in the face of inclement weather, drought, and other forces is what sets us apart from those that are not up to the challenge!

Cotton Farming

When to Terminate Irrigation in Cotton Production

While cotton is typically considered to be a mostly drought-resistant crop, the Texas Plains are a place where crops like these are constantly threatened by the ever-looming possibility of a dry season.

Cotton Farming

How To Utilize a Section 179 Tax Deduction

What is a Section 179 Deduction?

It may sound like some confusing tax jargon, but it’s actually far from it! Section 179 was drafted with businesses in mind and is designed to encourage businesses of all sizes to invest in themselves. Whether it’s tools, machinery, vehicles, or software, businesses never stop needing new equipment.

Cotton Farming, Harvest

CS690 HARVEST - Configuring a Harvest Homepage


Cotton Farming, Harvest

CS690 HARVEST - Configuring Map Settings


Cotton Farming

Why Harvest Equipment Maintenance Will Lead to Success

When we sell a tractor or a cotton stripper here at Hurst Farm Supply, our commitment to you and your machine does not end when you pull off the lot. We understand that you work hard, and we want to be sure that your equipment is operating at 100%, every step of the way.

Cotton Farming

Hurst How To - Daily Harvest Equipment Maintenance

Making sure that your equipment is in good working condition on a daily basis not only ensures that you get the most out of your harvest, but also that you’ll ensure worker safety. You’ll also extend the life of your machinery.

Cotton Farming

2017 Outlook For Cotton

It seems like our customers just put away the equipment they used to harvest their 2016 cotton crop. The time passed quickly and now it’s time to start thinking about what the 2017 cotton crop will bring.