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July 16, 2021

Maintaining Your John Deere Mower: Keeping Your Equipment In Top-Turf Shape

If we pulled up your garage door and found a John Deere mower behind it, we’d like to think that it’s safe to say that means three things:

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Preparing for Harvest: Your Step-by-Step Checklist

Sure, you’ve been through the harvest season motions more than your fair share of times. But, it has been a year since the last one and you have slept since then, so no one would fault you for spacing on a thing or two.


Harvest with Hurst: Our John Deere Resources

Few things go together better than a successful harvest season and John Deere equipment. Their cotton strippers, combines, tractors, and AMS/GPS equipment are more than just another line of products from another manufacturer; they’re often the reason a harvest can be successful at all!


3 Harvest Season Apps You Need to Be Using This Year

As West Texas’s most trusted dealer of top-shelf harvest season equipment, we’ve taken upon ourselves the responsibility of always being on the lookout for ways to elevate a job well done. Today that includes exploring any and all opportunities to utilize technology at work so that it’s easier for you now and more successful in the long run.


Post-Harvest Season Service Packages


Mandatory Software Update for Starfire 3000 & 6000 Receivers


Your Hurst Harvest Season Resources — Here When You Need Us

What, exactly, does it mean to harvest the Hurst way? It means taking full advantage of the wide range of harvest season resources that our team offers. We’re professional, experienced, and we carry the knowledge necessary to help you have another successful harvest season.


Hurst How-To: Having a Healthy Harvest Season

During harvest season, we often encounter some of the hardest, most demanding tasks that we’ve faced throughout the entirety of any given year. The long days and back-breaking work will put even the most seasoned farmer through the wringer! And while we trust that you’re well-equipped to handle anything put in your way, we wanted to take a brief moment to remind you to take care of your most important personal tool: yourself.


Soil Moisture: When to Irrigate & When Not to Irrigate

When it comes to monitoring soil moisture conditions, we think a “hands-on” approach is best!

Introducing the “feel and appearance” method, which consists of gathering physical samples of the soil on your land, firming them with your hand, and using your observations to estimate the amount of moisture that is available for your crops.

Here’s how it works.


Preparing Your Harvest Season Equipment

Nothing is more important to the hard-working farmer during harvest season than their hard-working equipment. Just as important as that equipment, however, is that farmer’s ability to maintain it!

Giving your harvest season equipment the maintenance it requires is the best way to get the most out of your harvest and ensure worker safety and the lifespan of the equipment itself. Downtime, costly repairs, and accidents are just a few of the risks that you run by failing to do so.

Harvest season is upon us — follow these simple prep steps to ensure that your equipment delivers the best possible performance when it matters the most this fall.


Hurst’s Harvest Season Safety Tips

You may feel confident about how prepared your equipment is for the upcoming harvest, but that’s only half the battle when we’re talking about harvest season safety. Harvesting is busy and stressful enough without costly accidents, making the safety of you, your team, and your equipment paramount.

Here are some things to keep top-of-mind at all times.