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July 16, 2021

Maintaining Your John Deere Mower: Keeping Your Equipment In Top-Turf Shape

If we pulled up your garage door and found a John Deere mower behind it, we’d like to think that it’s safe to say that means three things:

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How the Cotton Industry Impacts the Texas Economy

To West Texans like us, cotton is woven into the very fabric (pun very much intended) of our culture. So much so that it’s difficult to imagine a West Texas without it!

Industry Insights

The Impacts of West Texas Corn Crops

We take great pride in what our customers can accomplish with our products, and we’re excited to see the fruits of their labor. After all, we succeed when they succeed!

Industry Insights

Best Ways To Utilize Your Section 179 Deduction in 2020

It may be hard to believe that the time is already here, but we’re coming up on the beginning of yet another brand new year. While the new year means a fresh start, it also means something that we’re used to — something that’s not quite as exciting as the other things awaiting us in 2020: tax prep.

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2020 Ag & Timber Renewals

Is your Ag & Timber number up to date? All current Ag & Timber numbers will expire on 12/31/2019. To be eligible for sales tax benefits, current Ag & Timber number holders must renew their number by the end of December 2019.

John Deere, Industry Insights

John Deere is Named One of World’s Most Ethical Companies for 11th Consecutive Year

The Ethisphere Institute has once again selected Deere & Company as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies. It’s the 11th consecutive year that this honor has been bestowed upon the company. It’s one of just 13 companies in the world to win the award every single year. The company is very proud of the accomplishment.

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Get the Most Out of Your Section 179 Deduction

The harvest season is coming to a close and the end of the year is fast approaching, that means it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s least favorite topic: taxes. As a West Texas farmer, you can’t afford to not take advantage of the Section 179 deduction. Not only does this deduction help decrease the amount the IRS thinks you should pay, but it’s also a great opportunity to replace your out your equipment with something modern, updated, and more efficient.

Industry Insights

Technology in Agriculture: A Look at the Future of Farming

As a rule, when most people talk about advancements in technology, they usually have to do with an iPhone, a new watch, or some other smart device. But don't be fooled: technology isn't just limited to something you can hold in your hand. Few people take the time to point out some of the truly great bits of agricultural technology currently in the works. 

Cotton Farming, Industry Insights

History of the Cotton Stripper

We're getting closer to cotton harvest. Soon, cotton strippers will be a consistent part of our landscape as area farmers work to bring in this year's crop. It's an essential component of West Texas's history and legacy. We're proud to be a part of it by supporting area cotton farmers and providing them with the best equipment to get the job done. 

Cotton Farming, Industry Insights

5 Ways West Texas Cotton Farmers Benefit the U.S.

When most people think of West Texas agriculture, they picture longhorn steers and wide open spaces of range land. Few realize that in West Texas, cotton reigns supreme. During the average year, Texas is responsible for the production of about 5 million cotton bales. In 2011, while Texans struggled to cope with a severe drought, cotton producers were able to provide the world with 3.5 million bales. The largest cotton crop was grown in 2005, when the state produced 8.4 million cotton bales. Each bales weighs 500 pounds.

Cotton Farming, Industry Insights

USDA Cotton Ginning Cost-Sharing Program