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July 16, 2021

Maintaining Your John Deere Mower: Keeping Your Equipment In Top-Turf Shape

If we pulled up your garage door and found a John Deere mower behind it, we’d like to think that it’s safe to say that means three things:

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Winter Tips

Winterizing Your Equipment: The Do’s and the Do Nots

Winter Tips

Why You Should Winterize Your Equipment

Although we’re not quite finished with fall yet, it’s essential to be prepared for the reality of the really cold months ahead of us. When it comes to maintaining and putting your farming and landscaping equipment away for the winter, it’s imperative that you know how and why you should do so properly.

Winter Tips

Why Off-Season Mower Maintenance is Important

What it’s All About

Let’s face it: When it’s this cold outside, your mower and its condition as it sits in the shed is probably the last thing on your mind. However, proper off-season maintenance can have some pretty huge payoffs later down the line when you pull your mower back out in the spring.

Winter Tips

How To Prevent Freezing Pipes

It’s straight out of a winter wonderland nightmare. Imagine having to deal with a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures. In some cases, the frozen water in a pipe will only block water flow, which is not fun. But most often, freezing temperatures cause pipes to burst and flood, potentially causing costly damage to your home.

Winter Tips, Lawn Maintenance

Why We Love Stihl Chainsaws (And You Should Too)

Finding the right chainsaw for your home or property is important. You want a machine that can handle a variety of jobs and is durable enough to last a long time while providing an excellent return on your investment.

Winter Tips

How to Winterize Your Lawnmower

It may be time to put away your lawn mower for the season, but it’s important to winterize it first. Doing so will prevent damage, extend your mower’s lifespan, and prevent unwanted surprises in the spring.

John Deere, Winter Tips

Maintain Your John Deere Gator This Winter

John Deere built their Gator utility vehicles with the idea that they would be a piece of equipment owners could rely on for years and years. Properly maintaining and caring for the Gator is the key to making sure it runs properly for as long as you choose to use it.

Winter Tips, Lawn Maintenance

Prep Your Yard For Winter

Getting ready for the coming winter means more than stocking up on sweaters, installing storm doors, and making sure your furnace is working. You will also want to make sure your yard is properly prepped. Proper yard care ensures that your lawn will look great next spring and summer.