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Using your STIHL Chainsaw to Cut Firewood

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Feb 21, 2017 8:00:00 AM
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A chainsaw is an important piece of equipment that many people find indispensable around their farm and home. In addition to using your chainsaw to cut wood for evening bonfires or heating your home on cool winter days, it can also be used to help deal with trees that fall down following West Texas wind storms.

Don’t Get Casual

The last thing you want to do when using your chainsaw is get casual. You have to pay attention when using the chainsaw. Even a momentary lapse in your concentration can have serious ramifications.

In addition to being careful and not losing focus, other things you should never do while using a chainsaw include:

  • Never stand on a ladder or other unstable surface while using your chainsaw
  • Never try to operate the chainsaw with a single hand.  When it’s on, use a double-handed grip.
  • Never stand downhill from whatever you’re cutting
  • Never have young children or pets running around near where you’re operating the chainsaw

What you Should Do when Operating a Chainsaw

There are several things you can do while using your chainsaw to decrease the odds of injuring yourself. These include:

  • Stand uphill from whatever you’re sawing
  • Make sure the bar is always positioned behind you whenever you walk
  • Keep the chain brake engaged whenever the chainsaw is idling
  • Keep both feet planted on steady ground
  • Make sure the blade is always covered whenever you’re not using the chainsaw
  • Study how trees are entwined, leaning, and broken so you can determine what will happen when you start sawing
  • Wear protective pants and safety goggles while using your chainsaw

Whether you need a new chainsaw or have decided it’s time to upgrade your protective gear, you’ll find everything you need at Hurst Farm Supply.


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