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Waking Up Your Lawn & Garden for Early Spring

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Jan 30, 2020 2:29:00 PM
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As winter comes to an end, homeowners across West Texas are eager to get outside. This is the perfect time to tackle lawn and garden chores as temperatures are not too cold and not too hot. It may be too early to do it all, but knocking out these basic tasks will give you a great head start.

Clean Gutters

Recommended Tool: varies

While cleaning the gutters may be one of the least glamorous lawn chores, avoiding this task could cause costly damage to your home. The gutters on your home serve to move water away from your home. If they are full of dirt, leaves, and debris, water has no other place to go and can damage a roof. Depending on the condition of your gutters, you can use a simple handheld rake, leaf blower or even a wet/dry vacuum or pressure washer.


Recommended Tool: hand pruner or hedge trimmer

Now is the time to prune and trim your lawn’s trees and hedges, especially if you neglected this chore before the winter. Remove all dead wood and branches from trees. Take the time to reshape shrubs and hedges before buds begin to bloom.

Rake the Leaves

Recommended Tool: metal rake

With new leaves beginning to sprout, this is a great time to rake up all the dead leaves from your lawn. Properly raking your lawn will allow the grass beneath to soak up the sunlight and much needed water from spring rainfall. Also take time to remove and discard any limbs, branches, and other debris from your yard.

Pressure Wash

Recommended Tool: pressure washer

Once you’ve cleared leaves and debris from your gutters and lawn, it’s time to give everything a good scrub down. Use a pressure washer to clean off your house, driveway, and deck areas. While washing, check the deck for any needed repairs.

Maintain Your Mower

Recommended Tool: Hurst Farm Supply

Every mower deserves a good tune up before a long summer of hard work. Be sure to change the spark plug, check and change the oil, replace the air filter, sharpen the blade, and thoroughly clean your mower from top to bottom. The team at Hurst Farm Supply can give you the tools and information you need to give your mower some much needed TLC. If you own a John Deere mower, take advantage of our 15-point mower inspection. We’ll even pick up and deliver for only $25 through March 2020 (Lubbock county only).

Has your mower seen better days? If you’re ready for a new model or you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a riding mower, take a look at our full inventory of residential and commercial grade mowers from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Aerate the Lawn

Recommended Tool: STIHL YardBossⓇ

If you suffer from major lawn envy or you’re gunning for Yard of The Month this year, aerating your lawn is an important step. This process loosens up the compacted soil under your grass to allow nutrients and water to flow freely and absorb easily. For smaller lawns, you can get the job done with aeration shoes or a manual push aerator. But for larger spaces, we recommend the STIHL YardBossⓇ. The YardBoss is a great multi-task tool with various attachments you can apply for aerating, edging, cultivating and more.

Seed the Lawn

Recommended Tool: Seed Spreader

With your lawn freshly aerated, it’s now time to spread some seed. Whether you’re just starting your lawn or hoping to bring up new growth, seeding a yard is a great way to help it thrive. This job is simple and can be handled with a basic seed spreader.

To learn more about the tasks and tools you need to keep your lawn in great shape all year, visit your local Hurst Farm Supply store or follow us on Facebook.


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