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Why Harvest Equipment Maintenance Will Lead to Success

Posted by Hurst Farm Supply on Oct 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Why Harvest Maintenance Will Lead To Success

When we sell a tractor or a cotton stripper here at Hurst Farm Supply, our commitment to you and your machine does not end when you pull off the lot. We understand that you work hard, and we want to be sure that your equipment is operating at 100%, every step of the way.Here are some reasons to keep up with daily harvest equipment maintenance to ensure you have a safe and successful season.

Minimize Downtime

One of the biggest threats to your harvest is downtime caused by equipment failure. A failure can bring your harvest work to a grinding halt and cause you to lose valuable time and money. However, most downtime can be prevented with daily harvest equipment maintenance checks. Between cotton strippers (or pickers), boll buggies, module builders and tractors, you’ve got a lot of moving parts that experience normal wear and tear. Worn out parts can lead to larger, more costly problems with your harvest equipment. Checking on these parts each day can help you catch a problem before your equipment goes out of service.

Increase Crop Yield

We want your equipment to function at its full capacity. This makes a huge difference in the amount of cotton you harvest. Taking time to make small adjustments to your stripper or picker during a daily check-in can help you send heaps more cotton to the gin each day.

Protect Your People

The final and most important reason to keep up with harvest equipment maintenance is to protect you and your team doing the work. Improper maintenance can lead to dangerous situations for those who operate large equipment. Most machines are equipped with standard safety features, but like any other system, these can fail. Regular checks and preventive maintenance can give you peace of mind that you and your employees are working safely each day.

Here at Hurst Farm Supply we offer affordable service packages, but what about the day to day maintenance? To help you stay on track with preventive harvest equipment maintenance, download our free Daily Maintenance Checklist.

John Deere CS690 Checklist

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