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Winter Tips

December 11, 2020

Winterizing Your Equipment: The Do’s and the Do Nots

This whole year has felt like one big blur, so it should come as no surprise that the time for winterizing your equipment has landed on us once again. And if you’ve followed our advice for winterizing the various tools in your shed in the past, then you probably have a good idea of how much it pays off in the following seasons.

That’s why we’ve come to remind you about why you should set aside time for winterizing your equipment and offer up some new advice to those who may not have considered it!

1. Cleaning

Do: Thoroughly clean all of your tractors, strippers, combines, mowers, etc.

Do Not: Leave moisture, soil, and other debris on the surfaces of your equipment. Neglecting cleaning can erode its appearance and performance over time.

2. Fluid Checks

Do: Fill gas tanks, stabilize the fuel, and change your oil.

Do Not: Leave old or empty fluids in your equipment over the winter. Filling the tank prevents condensation, while stabilizing the fuel prevents the accumulation of moisture and deterioration of parts in the fuel system.

3. Electricity Checks

Do: Regularly check batteries and cables.

Do Not: Assume that they are okay because your equipment is turned off and put away. Starting your equipment up every so often instead of neglecting it throughout the winter months will ensure an easy start-up when you need it again.

4. Storage

Do: Store equipment properly in a clean, dry place.

Do Not: Store your equipment in a place that leaves it exposed to the outside elements or in a place with other things that could damage it. For example, storing equipment near chemicals, fertilizers, or other foreign substances could lead to corrosion or different types of damages should those things spill and make their way onto (or into) your equipment.

5. Service

Do: Take the time to perform necessary repairs and maintenance before putting your equipment away.

Do Not: Store equipment that is broken, malfunctioning, or in need of regular maintenance. Machines that aren’t in great shape might be even harder to get up and running with months of winter weather wear and no use stored on top of them.

6. Winterizing Your Equipment with Hurst Farm Supply

Do: All of these things, with help from your local Hurst Farm Supply.

Do Not: Neglect winterizing your equipment and the importance of every step. I

f you need help making sure your equipment is in a suitable condition to store away for the winter, or if you simply don’t have time and want us to take it off your hands, click below to schedule service with your nearest Hurst location.

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